Last Day

Last Day


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Язык написания книги: Английский

An unbearable loss.A shattered life.And a killer who wants more.On the edge of the North Carolina woods, behind an isolated modern house, the watcher patiently waits. He knows all about the couple who live therea talented surgeon and a successful businessman. He knows all about the people in their lives. He knows they are numb with grief. And he knows what is going to happen nextand why.For Dr. Natasha McCarty and her husband, Ward, their sons tragic death has shaped every moment of the last year. But to add to their pain, a new strangeness is suddenly engulfing them. Natashas hands have begun to shake. A prized memento has been stolen. Then a sordid scandal explodes out of nowhere, one that threatens everything theyve built, and brings friends, strangersand enemiesinto their lives. And now, as the anniversary of their sons death approaches, for reasons they cant guess, from a place they cant see, an extraordinary evil will emerge before their eyes. Because a killer has chosen this day as their last.From the Paperback edition.

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