Sisterchicks on the Loose

Sisterchicks on the Loose


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Sharon has lived calmly in Chinook Springs, Washington, her entire life. All that changes when her best friend of twenty years, Penny, takes an impulsive trip to seek out her only living relatives in Finland -- and brings Sharon with her. The land of reindeer and saunas holds infinite varieties of zaniness for these two unlikely friends -- Sharon is a quiet mother of four and Penny was a motorcycle mama before she came to Christ -- who return home with a new view of God, a new zest for life, and a big impact on those around them for decades to come.Get set for adventure as the sisterchicks drive, float, or fly off to faraway placesexploring new territory and delighting in the soul ties that forever bind their hearts. Sisterchick n.: a friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you're being a brat. Meet unlikely best friends Sharon, quiet mother of four, and Penny, former flower child/motorcycle mama. Connected as young moms, their twenty-year friendship is about to take a surprising leap! Penny hatches plans for a ';post-kids' trip to seek out her only living relativessomewhere in far-off Finland. Oh, Penny Girl, what have you done? The land of reindeer, Finnish saunas, and starry, starry nights holds infinite promise for the free-flying sisterchicks, who feel their hearts fill with a new zest for livingand a fresh view of the One who flung the galaxies across the heavens!From the Trade Paperback edition.

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