Pierced by the Word

Pierced by the Word


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Pierced by the Word takes up thirty-one subjects as unique as "e;How to Be a Refuge for Your Children,"e; "e;How to Drink Orange Juice to the Glory of God,"e; and "e;Embracing the Pain of Shame."e; Some are longer, some shorter, like the real-world conversations they so closely resemble, and each comes from the fertile mind of John Piper and is written in his own inimitable style. Together, the readings will lead to a deeper understanding of God and a cleaner, clearer relationship with Him. Most of all, Piper's approach shows how meditating on God's powerful Word can affect every aspect of our lives.Whether you're steeped in the Word of God or newly acquainted with it, these thirty-one meditations will penetrate to the deepest reaches of your soul. With a contagious passion, John Piper awakens us to violent prayer, piercing pleasure, and fearless faith.From the Hardcover edition.

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