How to Find God in the Bible

How to Find God in the Bible


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If you want to know God's heart, the best way is to read His Word. Back to the Bible president Woodrow Kroll takes the intimidation out of reading the Bible. Designed to help ordinary people connect with God through His Word, this book explores tangible ways to prepare yourself, define your expectations, and profit from the experience. The author also shares personal discoveries that have revolutionized his understanding of Scripture. You'll find simple keys to understanding the Bible and solid insights on making the intimate connection with God happen.Some people have read God's Book for years without ever meeting the Author. Do you struggle with the Bible, wondering how to find God in the pages of His Word? Wonder no more! God is waiting for people just like youspiritual seekers who want to know the truth, who want to meet Him personally. In How to Find God in the Bible, Woodrow Kroll will take you on a fascinating journey of personal discovery. You'll learn how to understand the world's most important book, and why you can trust it completely. Inside you'll uncover insights that can change your life today. Andmaybe for the first timeyou'll encounter the God you've been looking for all along. Story Behind the BookAs a well-known and respected Bible teacher, I have often been asked, "e;I read that same passage and I didn't see that in there. How do you find those insights that seem to be hidden to others?"e; I have written this book to help new believers and those struggling to make sense of their faith or the Bible. It reveals my "e;secrets"e; to making sense of the Bible and makes simple what some may view as complicated in God's Word.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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