See How They Run

See How They Run


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Equal Parts Saintly Cherub and Demanding Emperor Who Is This Child Formerly Known As Your Baby?Faster than a speeding bulletIs it Superman? Nope, just your high-energy toddler, keeping life interestingand mom on the run! Once, you dreamed of the day your precious baby would walk and talk. Now, you are constantly dragging your child out of the dogs dish, making up answers to unanswerable questions (Why, Mom, why?), and engaging in power struggles with the worlds most adorable 25-pound dictator. Do other mothers of toddlers have days like this? You bet your sweet potty chair they do! Here are veteran moms stories and from-the-trenches advice on what works when dealing with the often challenging, always entertaining one- and two-year-old crowd, including: What to do when your tot glues himself to your leg for no apparent reason (other than to yell) Toys to boost your toddlers brillianceincluding freebies shell love most of all Taking the toil out of toilet training (it is rocket science, no matter what your mother-in-law says) Tantrum-tamers you can use from the mall to your mothers house Getting your toddler to eat more orange and green (gummy worms dont count) Ping pong prayers and other ways to connect Junior to GodHere at last is the help youve been longing for: a hilarious but practical bimonthly guide to surviving, enjoyingand laughing your way throughthe exhausting, crazy-busy, glorious toddler years.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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