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';Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.' Psalm 103:2 The very breath that sustains you. The prosperity of our land. Bothand everything in betweenare gifts from the same God. Remember Him. And turn to Him in heartfelt prayer. America 's beloved author and 2005 National Day of Prayer spokesman, Max Lucado, issues a revolutionary call to return to the Source of our personal and national blessings. Max's teaching and storytelling skills engage and encourage your commitment to daily enter into the presence of the giver of all good things, your Father. Turn is striking a chord in hearts and souls across America bringing, one by one, a nation back to the Foundation on which it was built. Turn back to God Who daily sustains your very existence, and is the sole source of your every blessing. Who showers our country with grace, creating this nation for his name's sake. From your life to your land, his hand of mercy is upon you. It's time now to turn and ask, ';What can I do for God?' He's waiting for you. He's waiting for America . Story Behind the BookUsing fresh stories and original Bible teaching, 2005 National Day of Prayer spokesman Max Lucado joins seasoned author and pastor Brian Smith to call readers to a life of active prayer-guided dependence on God. The authors' compelling, compassionate approach will cultivate hearts that truly beat for God, moving the reader from ';ought' to ';want' in prayer and daily surrender to Him. Turn serves as a strategic tool, urging our nation toward spiritual renewal.From the Hardcover edition.

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