Shattered Justice

Shattered Justice


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Deputy's Sense of Justice Destroyed There's no way sheriff's deputy Dan Justice could have prepared for this. He spent a lifetime ensuring his actions and faith live up to the meaning of his nameAvidan: ';God is just.' Then injustice invades his world, ripping away what matters most, forever robbing him of the life he once knew. Can his sisters and small-town communityespecially one woman who loves Danhelp him overcome the horrors he's facing? Or will bitterness and anger shatter him forever? What happens when justice fails the lawman? Sanctuary, Oregon . A town where the local diner owner makes you drink your milkno matter how old you are. Where juvenile delinquency means blowing up outhouses. Where folks not only know their neighbors, but care about them. For widowed sheriff's deputy Dan Justice, it's a place where he and his kids can heal and grow. Shelby Wilson loves Sanctuary and her work with troubled teens. Like Jayce Dalton. Sure, he's as troubled as they come, but Shelby knows Dan is exactly what Jayce needs. She just didn't expect that Dan might be what she's always needed, too. But sleepy little Sanctuary has a dark side, steeped in pain and secrets. Secrets that could destroy everything Dan holds dear. Secrets that will one day have Dan groping through the fog toward a lifeless bodyand faith-shattering grief. Can Dan find sanctuary in the light of God's justice? ';A surefire hit!' Karen Kingsbury , bestselling author of Beyond Tuesday Morning ';Shattered Justice is for anyone who has ever known grief or asked God, ';Why me?' Terri Blackstock , bestselling author of River's Edge Story Behind the Book';The idea for Shattered Justice came out of an article I read in the newspaper. This very thing happened to a police officer. As I read the article, I kept wondering how anyone who spent his life serving others could ever come back from such a horrific, unjust loss. Of course the details in this book differ from the event that inspired it, but the story unfolds from a similar life-shattering event and follows Dan as he struggles with grief and anger.'From the Trade Paperback edition.

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