Christ Our Mediator

Christ Our Mediator


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WHAT'S THE KEY TO HAVING MORE PASSION FOR CHRIST, THE CROSS, AND THE GOSPEL ? The answer is to look at the death of Christ not from our point of view, but from God's. That's what this book helps you do in a profound, strategic, and life-changing way. Author C. J. Mahaney exposes our human tendency to look at the Savior's death (and at everything else!) through our own subjective feelings and impressions, rather than from the standpoint of objective truth. By nature we always begin with ourselves rather than with God. But by following the God-first "e;Divine Order"e; in how we thinkand by asking "e;What do I believe?"e; instead of "e;How do I feel?"e;we're freed up to embrace the right truth in the right way. The right feelings quickly follow, and they're reliable because they're anchored in truth.The Secret to Sustaining Joy Do you desire more passion for Christ? Then learn to see His death not from our point of view, but from God's. Author C. J. Mahaney puts you at our Savior's sideand into His soulduring the most emotionally wrenching moments of His final hours. As you better understand the true nature of His struggle, you'll grasp more than ever the staggering significance of why Jesus diedand fully experience His sacrifice as a personal act of love for you. Allow the deepest truths of Calvary to stir your passion for Christ our mediator into a flame that burns your whole life long. Story Behind the BookThere's nothing more overpowering than to climb Calvary 's hill in childlike attentiveness and wonder, with all our distractions and wrong assumptions cleared away. This book was written that we might be gripped by gratitude and enflamed in passion for the Savior, Christ our Mediator, who suffered the Father's righteous wrath for us.From the Hardcover edition.

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