Authentic Power

Authentic Power


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Do You Have Lift Off? Picture a NASA rocket lifting off, only seconds later to be millions of miles from earth. The force that makes such a feat possible is mind boggling. And it's only a shadow of the power you have access to every day! It's the awe-inspiring power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, and it's yours simply because God promises it. John Avant takes a breathtaking look at Philippians 3:1014, your key to living every moment in the same strength Jesus had as He stepped out of the tomb. The path to authentic power is not easy, but it can be experienced even through the darkest times of raw pain. Discover how to live in God's authentic power as you move toward an incredible future! Open the Floodgates Are you dry? Stuck in a routine? Looking for a boost in a measly cup of java? That's living small. And it's not for you. You were meant to live larger than life. To let God's uncontainable power transform every ounce of who you are. Why? Because when Jesus Christ stepped out of the tomb, He gave you rights to the same power that conquers even death. You can't see or touch it, earn it or achieve it. But you can live it today. How? Discover John Avant's warm storytelling style as he unveils the secret to claiming Christ's incredible power in your life. It's too consuming, too accessible, too real to ever leave you the same. ';John Avant's Authentic Power reminds us that the greatest energy crisis in America is the result of the underutilized human soul, originally designed to run on high-octane, Holy Spiritinspired power. Authentic Power teaches us to not just cope but triumph over life's challenges.' Dan Cathy Owner/president, Chick-fil-A Story Behind the Book';After visiting persecuted churches in Vietnam , Belarus , and the Middle East , I was inspired. I saw something I just do not see today in the average American churchsomething so strong that the best descriptor is that it's supernatural. It's the power that comes from Christ. But I'm amazed that the greatest authentic power I see is wielded by those with the least power in the eyes of this world. Shortly after nearly being killed in the Middle East , I read Philippians 3:1014 and discovered the words that unveil the secrets of real power. These are the words this book is based upon.' John AvantFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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