Free Yourself, Be Yourself

Free Yourself, Be Yourself


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Hope for the Restless, Hurting Heart ';Shame on you.' We've all heard those words and felt the sting in our souls. We might try hard to earn love and acceptance for a while, but eventually we find ourselves exhausted, anxious, despaired. Shame can motivate us to try harder but it never sets us free. It is, in short, a lie that steals real peace and hides true joy. Now Alan D. Wright shares in a refreshing new way how to let the grace and power of Jesus Christ transform you and unlock the key to an entirely new way of living and loving. While he experienced this liberation for himself, as a pastor he has also guided countless others to the same place of freedom. Here's how to give up your tireless quest for the approval of others, find rest in God's love, and turn the exhortation upside down: where the shame comes off youfor good!They Say Success Is Sweet Too Bad You Don't Enjoy It. You could be relishing your accomplishments. Instead, are you plagued with: Feeling like the pressure's always on? Wishing it didn't matter so much what others think of you? The same reoccurring sins or addictions? Regret for criticizing those you love? Then it's time to overthrow the tyrant within. It's a lie called shame that whispers, You're not good enough. With a brilliant combination of humor, biblical wisdom, and practical guidance, pastor Alan Wright invites you to get grounded in God's grace. It's the only Truth powerful enough to banish the lie. And it's the only way you can receive the life you struggle so hard for, but never attain. A place of contentment and love is waiting for youif you dare accept the gift. Don't wait. Get the shame off youfor good! Story Behind the Book';When I was in the fourth grade, we had a ';family meeting' at which my dad announced that he wouldn't be living at home anymore. Thus ended my happy world. I launched into a life of superlative success. But my secret master motivation was not joy, but fear. Some years ago I began a ruthless self inventory that uncovered the various manifestations of shame in my life. I found that it was not as powerful as I once thought and that I could change by the healing grace of Jesus Christ. Over the years, I developed a passion for telling people how they could release their shame to Christ and be healed by His love and grace.' Alan D. WrightFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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