Best Is Yet to Come

Best Is Yet to Come


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Look Forward to Looking Forward! Do you dread the days ahead? Then it's time for a perspective check! It's not that footloose and fancy-free days await you, because the reality of life is that you will indeed face trials, sorrow, and grief. But you can boldly move forward to embrace this futurebecause the best is yet to come! Greg Laurie observes Jesus' first two miracles to reveal how and why you can approach the future with confidence, no matter what your present circumstance. Life will never stop throwing challenges your way, but God will never stop escalating your faith. That's guaranteed. And with this increased faith, you can more fully embrace Him and the beauty of life as He intends it for you! Is Your Life Dread-Locked? If you feel stuck, hard-pressed on every side by bleak circumstances and an ominous future looming ahead, you know there's got to be a better way to live. But worry and anxiety have become familiar companions. And you need out. Thank God, because He's saving the best for last. Join Greg Laurie in this insightful study of the first two miracles Jesus ever performed. Here you'll discover the secret to thriving in any situation. Your circumstances could miraculously change, but more likely, you will change. Your faith will escalate, and anxieties will melt away. Embrace now the truth that the best is indeed yet to come! ';I know of no greater preacher in America today than Greg Laurie.' Reverend Billy Graham Story Behind the Book';The Best Is Yet to Come is a message that came out of a time of personal reflection on the rapid passing of time in my life. It is a look at the importance of focusing on what really matters in life and holding the course of following Jesus Christ in the confidence that the best really is yet to come!' Greg LaurieFrom the Hardcover edition.

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