One Marriage Under God

One Marriage Under God


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God's Dream for Marriage Can Be Reality! Who still treasures God's dream for marriage? The institution of marriage has been assaulted with a vengeance, bringing high divorce rates, widespread cohabitation, and a sharp decline in esteem for traditional marriage; but a ray of hope burns steady and bright. By returning to God's original intent for marriage, we can overcome all of this world's attacks against it. One Marriage Under God, by bestselling author and educator Dr. H. Norman Wright, unfolds in a fresh way what God's dream for our marriages really involves, and how to recover itfor good. Couples find hope, healing, and new joy in their God-ordained union. What's It Like Being Married to Me? Stepping into someone else's shoes never fails to bring fresh insight. Ever tried on God's? Bestselling author and educator H. Norman Wright cuts through the cultural confusion and clarifies the institution of marriage as God originally created ita beautiful, committed, eternal bond. A bond that leaves only one option for anyone who's ever said I do: Make it work, no matter what. But how? Wright considers the temptations and struggles facing today's couples and offers practical, proven guidance steeped in God's Word. You and your spouse will discover how to answer the call to be one, meet the challenge to love, and rise to the occasion of sharing your story with others. One Marriage Under God will help you see things from God's perspective. It's the best thing you will ever do for your marriage. Become a Marriage Keeper Popular culture attacks it and your own doubts can plague it, but God's original intent for marriage will forever remain. You can honor Him by choosing to preserve, honor, and nurture your own marriage as well as the marriages around you. God is calling forth Marriage Keepers to make a difference in society today. One Marriage Under God explores thought-provoking insights: *;Whether you married the ';right' or ';wrong' person is entirely up to you. *;God has a good plan for every marriage. *;Your marriage needs to be recreated daily. *;Culture's alternatives to marriage are destructive; God's plan is flawless. Your marriage won't wait. Begin to build up today what God first brought together. Story Behind the Book';I have a real connection with this book. I even processed ideas and chapters while I was bass fishing! While that was scary, my hope is that it will disturb readers in a positive way, providing the hope that marriage really can be richly fulfilling. This book is different from the rest because each reader will discover the benefits of marriage done God's way, be challenged to recreate their marriage according to Scripture, be motivated to apply several marriage change princples, be provided with skills to become a Marriage Keeper, and to take posititve steps to reverse our culture's trends toward divorce and living together.' H. Norman WrightFrom the Hardcover edition.

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