Experiencing the Cross Study Guide

Experiencing the Cross Study Guide


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Dare to Go There Although the cross is God's decisive deed in human history, the full meaning of it is far too much for a mere human mind to grasp. But through Henry Blackaby's careful examination, the cross becomes not a doctrine, but an experience. You'll be overwhelmed with the utter significance of Christ's death, leading you to a stronger sense of God's power in your daily life. Steeped in the Blackaby distinctive of constant encouragement toward your personal experience of God, and firmly rooted in Scripture, this study guide makes it impossible to keep a casual attitude toward sin. Practice surrendering to the deeper dimensions of the cross, so that nothing can block the Lord's presence and power in your life! ';Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.' Luke 14:27 Are you ready to destroy a casual attitude toward sin? To eliminate every barrier blocking the Lord's presence and power in your life? Then you are ready to make the cross your own. This eight-week Bible study companion to Henry Blackaby's Experiencing the Cross provides the practical tools you need to: LESSON 1 Grasp the graveness of sin LESSON 2 Comprehend Christ's blood sacrifice LESSON 3 Grow in gratitude for the One who died your deserved death LESSON 4 Exchange your sin for Christ's righteousness LESSON 5 Tap into God's unlimited resources, blessings, and power LESSON 6 Submit to God's sanctifying work in your life LESSON 7 Become alive to righteousness LESSON 8 Share the message of the cross with others The One who called you to this journey promises to be with you every step of the way. Go boldly forward to experience His blessings as they've never been seen, heard, or felt before. Receive the reality. Discover the power. Live the experience. For individual or group use. Leader's guide included. Story Behind the Book';Our whole identity with Christ is found in the cross. It was there that God dealt totally with sin. And it is there that God intends us to be united with Christ in His death so that we would forever hate sin, abhor sin, and forsake sin. In our intimate relationship with Christ and His crucifixion, God intends for us to obtain His perspective on sinto feel its horrors, as Christ does, and then to let God put sin to death in our livesas He did in the crucifixion of His Son. The victory accomplished through Christ's death and resurrection is the very same victory we can experience daily in our lives!' Henry BlackabyFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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