Parenting the Way God Parents

Parenting the Way God Parents


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Divine Parenting Made Possible Every parent wants to do his or her job well. But if you look to your family of origin, or try to follow a list of dos and don'ts, you will fail. Thankfully, God sets a model as Parent, and all you have to do is follow it! In Parenting the Way God Parents, Katherine Koonce shows how healthy parenting patterns will flow naturally when you parent from your godly heritage. By way of thought-provoking study, discussion questions, and scriptural snapshots, you'll begin addressing not just your children's behavior, but the important heart issues that shape their character. When you adopt God the Father's perfect understanding of His children and prayerfully obey His example, your children can't help but become healthy, whole, and thriving! The Perfect Parenting Plan Kids will be kids, and parents will becomejust like their own parents. Even with the best intentions, parents will default to raising their kids just as they were raisedunless they embrace a revolutionary approach to parenting. Thank God, because He provides the better way. He has everything you need for parenting your children in the grace, discipline, and love with which He parents you. Child development and learning specialist Katherine Koonce comes alongside to offer you a fresh perspective that will redirect your parenting path. Parenting the Way God Parents will help you: Discern valid rights from selfish wants in this age of entitlement Be prepared for anger, and help your children prepare for it too T ake an active, prayerful role in seeking God's vision for your family Focus on shaping your children's hearts, not just their behavior Set aside parenting how-to books full of dos and don'ts and embrace the One who parents you perfectly. ';Knowing Katherine as a gifted teacher at the school my children attend, it's evident that she has a great deal of wisdom and insight.' Steven Curtis Chapman Singer/songwriter ';Parenting the Way God Parents is refreshingly free of formulas, and packed full of wisdom and valuable insight. I will reread it for myself and recommend it again and again in my practice.' David Thomas Child and Adolescent Therapist Coauthor of Becoming a Dad: A Spiritual, Emotional and Practical Guide Story Behind the Book';Like most parents, I was not prepared for the job. Again and again I found myself defaulting to the parenting tactics and family dynamics recycled from my childhood. God convinced me that there was a better way. Rather than parent the way I was as a child, I can choose to parent the way I am Parented today. God my Father parents me with excellence, and I want to continue that legacy with my children. In choosing this paradigm of childrearing, however, I've had to lay down my little bag of parenting tricks and embrace the One who parents me perfectly.' Katherine KoonceFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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