What Would Jesus Pray?

What Would Jesus Pray?


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You're Only a Prayer Away Meet Tyson and Stefan. One strange night, they suddenlyweirdlyconnect with each other in a time contortion that spans exactly a thousand years. Stefan is a young warrior in training in the Middle Ages, trapped in a tower while raiders ravage everything below. Through a long, sleepless night, the two guys help each other wrestle with responsibilities they don't want. And Stefan shows how to link up with a source of strength that Tyson can hardly even imagine. It all has to do with a Man named Jesus, and the way He prayed. Follow their spiritual adventure, and walk into the journey Jesus wants for you. He'll show you, as no one else can, how to pray in the way that works. Story Behind the Book';This book became a reality thanks to these four things: a recurring image in my fresh-from-sleep thoughts about a boy in a bell tower, extensive Bible study on Jesus' prayers, the publisher's request for a youth book focusing on Jesus and prayer; and then a friend's off-hand mention of the phrase, ';What would Jesus pray?'' Mack ThomasFrom the Hardcover edition.

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