Meant to Be

Meant to Be


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Kims World Turns Upside Down When Kims mom is diagnosed with cancer, Natalie steps in, as true friends will do, to round up hundreds of people to pray for Mrs. Petersons healing. Her health begins to improve, and Kims love life begins to flourishbut with a non-Christian. Natalie warns Kim to break off the relationship, but is that just because shes jealous? Or is God trying to speak to Kim through Natalies counsel? When her moms health suddenly declines again, Kim blames herself. Maybe she never should have become involved with Matthew, especially as shes tempted to give in to his pressure to have sex. Kims faith is hanging in the balance. She wants to believe that prayer will prevail, but the obstacles seem so bigThursday, December 29 My dad and I are both feeling a little torn about Mom right now. On one hand, we all act like everything is just peachy, perfectly normal. But at the same time, its like were walking on eggshells too. Like were all thinking the same thingis this our last Christmas all together? Kim Petersons mom has stage four ovarian cancer, and Kims done enough research online to know the odds are dismal. But Kim and her best friend, Natalie McCabe, and a lot of other people are praying that God will heal her mom. Kims mom makes her promise that shell continue with life as normal: Nat, youth group, violin, her Just Ask Jamie newspaper column, even hanging out with Matthew. But how can life be normal with cancer hanging over your head like a dark cloud? And then shes getting flak from Natalie because Matthews not a Christian, and Nats afraid hell drag Kim down. But Nats dating life isnt exactly smooth sailing, either. Both girls are praying a lotand waiting to find out whats meant to be. Readers guide included Story Behind the BookMy teenage years remain vivid in my mind. It was a turbulent time, full of sharp contrastslove and hate, pain and pleasure, trust and doubt. Then, just as I reached my peak of questioning, rebelling, and seeking, I found God. And I found Him in a really big way! My life turned completely around and has, thankfully, never turned back. Hopefully this story will touch and change heartsspeaking to teen girls right where they live, reminding readers that God is alive and well and ready to be intimately involved in their lives right now! Melody CarlsonFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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