Tender Warrior

Tender Warrior


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Leader. Protector. Friend. Lover. God made you to be each of theseand much more. Stu Weber 's bestseller, now revised throughout and refreshed with an attractive new look, paints a dramatic and compelling picture of balanced manhood according to God's vision. Written in a warm, personal style, Weber presents the characteristics of tender warriorsincluding learning to speak the language of women, watching out for what lies ahead, and keeping commitmentsin an upfront, straightforward style that challenges readers to realize God's plan for men. More than 365,000 copies sold! Some Things Are Worth Fighting For Young men aspire to it. Women admire it. Yet the definition of manhood itself is obscured by a culture in moral free fall. This book cuts through the fog and defines a powerful blueprint for being the manthe Tender Warriorthat God desires for you and your family. You'll discover that a Tender Warrior: *;watches out for what lies aheadlike a wagon train scout; *;keeps his commitments, no matter how painful; *;has a tender heart beating beneath his armor; *;understands his responsibility to his wife, children, and friends; *;recognizes that he is ';under orders from higher headquarters.' Stu Weber 's now classic teaching on a man's vigilance, staying power, and consideration for the women in his life will move you to pursue the man you were created to be. Real Men Are Tender Warriors ';I drank Budweiser, smoked Marlboros, and chased women. Tender Warrior sent me deeper into my heart and soul. When I finished it, I passed it on to a friend, who was supposed to give it back but passed it on to someone else. This book changed his life. It knocked down the walls around his heart. His response: ';The most important thing that has happened in my life started when you sent me that book.'' A reader Praise for Tender Warrior';Tender Warrior provides hope for men by challenging their assumptions and shaping their convictions. Read it. Devour it. Then live it. This is the time for real men to emerge.' Dennis Rainey, executive director, FamilyLife ';In a day when our culture is at once confused and concerned over gender identity, men everywhere would to do well to recalibrate their personal compasses by the biblical benchmarks found in Tender Warrior . I highly recommend this book!' Dr. Bruce Wilkinson , New York Times bestselling authorFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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