Girl on a Swing

Girl on a Swing


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God Delights in You! Imagine a girl on a swing: leaning backward and easily pumping her legs back and forth, closing her eyes while the wind blows through her hair. She is safe, she is secure, she is free and forgiven. Perhaps you find yourself thinking, I want to feel loved and safe and secure. I want to feel free. I want to turn my face toward heaven and experience Gods smile . Did you know that girl can be you? Because Gods lovea love not based upon your performance, but on Christsproclaims the truth that you are His and He is glad He chose you. This freedom in Christ is meant to become a part of you, something you relish every day. Its like learning how to swing: it cant ever be unlearned. So climb onyour time to soar has arrived! Who Is that Girl on a Swing? Shes free. Shes safe. Shes secure. Shes forgiven. Shes happy. Shes a child of God. And so are you. With warm understanding, refreshing humor, and striking biblical honesty, Nancy Kennedy reflects on the ways women often keep themselves from enjoying the freedom thats already theirs. Because not only do you belong to God, He is glad He chose you. Not only does He love you unconditionally, He likes you! And not only does He lavish you with grace, He smiles upon you. Once you learn how to swing, you cant un-learn it. Once you know true freedom in Christ, you cant un-know it. Its yours for good (and its a lot fun). So climb onits time to soar! Endorsements Ahhh. Nancy s words let me be my imperfect self and still know that there is no wind strong enough to release me from my Fathers grip. Karon Phillips Goodman author of Another Fine Mess, Lord! and the Womans Guide series Nancy Kenndy writes with amazing humor, heart, and insight. Girl on a Swing soars! Heather Kopp author of Roar: A Christian Family Guide to the Chronicles of Narnia Story Behind the BookThe Story Behind the Book Girl on a Swing came from a greeting card image where a young girl is soaring on a swing. Shes free and at peace, with herself and her surroundings. As I studied that image I came to realize that the girl is mebecause in Christ I am free and at rest. God smiles on His own, and I am at peace. But my experience as a speaker at womens retreats has shown me that many women have difficulty believing that for themselves. This book will help them grasp the truth. Nancy KennedyFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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