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Why? Because God Will Fill You to Overflowing Why explore God's overflowing heart for you? Because it will deepen your faith and heighten your joy. Why let God's Word respond when you're empty and tired? Because spending time with Him will nourish your spirit and prove His promises true. Why pick this devotional over any other? Because in just ten minutes a day, for six days a week, you will build the foundation of a lifetimefor a lifetime. Fresh insights and practical guidance from veteran pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie motivate you to connect with God's loving plans for your life. Warm, clear, Scripture-based encouragement and exhortation that confirm His will and ways really are good, pleasing, and perfectly right. When we become children of God, our hearts journey down a new road of questions: ';Why do I need to spend time with God daily?' and ';Why does God discipline his children?' and ';Why is the Bible relevant to me today?' Greg Laurie offers astounding reasons in Because ';Because He wants to be with you' ';Because He's your loving Father' ';Because He wants to guide you' ';Because His Word is your life' This book is packed with fresh daily reflections to guide your pursuit of God. Simple. Practical. Personal. Biblical inspiration for everyday living. So dive inand discover the truth: God's heart has its reasonsfor every moment of your life. Story Behind the Book';Over the years, I have done a lot of funerals and memorial service. I have visited people who were literally at death's door, and I can tell you that when life comes to an end, there are three things that will really matter to you: faith, family, and friends. Of number-one importance will be your faith, your relationship with God. I have heard more people say with regret, ';I wish I had spent more time walking closely with God. I wish I had made more time for spiritual things.' They recognize the fact that they will stand before God Almighty. How sad it is when people realize they have squandered their lives. This book is about helping you avoid that regret.' Greg LaurieFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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