Mistake It Like a Man

Mistake It Like a Man


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Real Men Don't Get EmbarrassedWe Merely Appear Sunburned Ever had your doctor give you valuable diet and exercise advice, then gone out for a cheeseburger and fries to celebrate the fact that you're not dead yet? Do your teens flee the room in dismay when you try to use their jargon to prove that you're still ';groovy'? Have you ever been smitten by romance, pulled your wife close to you, and asked her to give you one good reason you should not make passionate love to her at that very moment, only to have her remind you that you are standing in the grocery aisle? Dave Meurer has been through it all. And he's got a tale or two (fifty, actually, in Mistake It Like a Man ) that will shed some light, albeit fluorescent, on all kinds of common manly experiences. ';Dave Meurer vividly illustrates the humor that is American family life. But be warned: Amid the chuckles, he masterfully weaves some serious food for thought.' -Bill Shepson, Editorial Director, Advance magazine ';Dave Meurer has done it again. He's taken the commonplace and turned it into high comedy. He has the ability to make you giggle gleefully while meditating meaningfully on the spiritual issues that matter most.' -Ellie Kay, Author, speaker, and '; America's Family Financial Expert' Story Behind the Book';Humor is the secret weapon of the nonfiction writer. It is an attempt to say important things in a special way that regular writers aren't getting said in a regular wayor if they are, it's so regular that no one is reading it.'William Zinsser ';I see my humor writing as guerrilla warfare for the kingdom of God . People let their defenses down when they're laughing, and that's when I can make some serious points about love, grace, conflict resolution, male/female differences, raising kids, and workall in a nonthreatening way. Even ';nonreading' guys read my books, because everyone wants and needs to laugh.' Dave MeurerFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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