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The Real Deal Life is tough. You've got questions. You've got choicesand the results are yours to live with. So go aheaddo a little investigating and discover the answers for yourself. The graphically captivating books in the FlipSwitch series are the real deal. They unashamedly tackle pressing issues that you face every day. After pinpointing God's solution, they offer practical steps that will help you take your life in the right directionwithout a doubt. Check 'em out: HEAT : Sex. A huge reality check complete with stats and facts on who's doing it and who's paying for it (STD information). BLUR : Who defines you? A startling glimpse into the reality of your self-image. SPLIT : Divorce. Guidance as your own or your friends' parents go ring-less. BUZZ: Drugs and alcohol. What you need to know about beer, bongs, weed, tobacco, and other tempting substances. Story Behind the BookA team of youth pastors approached Multnomah with the need for a visual pivotal-issues series for teenssomething that would enter into their world and confront the stuff they actually think, talk, and wonder about every day. These products called for a ';back of the school bus' feel. Kids don't get spoon-fed answers; they simply get enough cards on the table to create their own conversations. Now youth pastors everywhere can't seem to hand out enough of them!From the Trade Paperback edition.

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