Countering the Claims of Evangelical Feminism

Countering the Claims of Evangelical Feminism


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Can She Do What He Can Do? Everyday people are considering the roles of men and women in the home and church. Evangelical feminists consider these roles interchangeable. In this helpful book, Wayne Grudem offers fifty biblical responses to feminists' arguments. While the Bible teaches that God values men and women equally, their roles in home and church are complementary to each other, not interchangeable. Arguing against both feminism on the left and male chauvinism on the right, this to-the-point handbook is a valuable resource. Men and Women. Church and Home. What are their roles in each? Can the lines be crossed? Evangelical feminists boldly assert that male and female roles are interchangeable. Society reflects the argument. But what does the Bible have to say? Wayne Grudem offers more than forty biblical responses to the most crucial questions on this topic, showing God's equal value in men and women and why their roles are complementary, not interchangeable. This to-the-point handbook is a valuable resource enabling every Christian to grasp the issues, including: What the Bible says about the roles of men and women in marriage Women in the church and in church leadership Theology and the concepts of equality, fairness, and justice Claims that a complementarian view is harmful Praise for Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth, the exhaustive volume of this work: ';No one will be able to deny the cumulative strength of the case this author makes.' J. I. Packer ';This is the most thorough, balanced, and biblically accurate treatment of feminism and the Bible I have seen.' Stu Weber ';After the Bible, I cannot imagine a more useful book for finding reliable help in understanding God's will for manhood and womanhood in the church and the home.' John Piper Story Behind the Book';I would like to see this book as the ';final answer' to the question of feminism in the church today. There has been a lot of controversy and debate in the church on this subject and I have used the Bible exclusively to answer the question of feminism in the church. This book must not be portrayed as anti-women, or as putting women down in any way. This book will seek throughout to elevate and honor women, to regard them as equal in value to men yet with different God-given roles. This book fairly presents arguments and facts, leading people to conclude for themselves that evangelical feminism is clearly contrary to Scripture.' Wayne GrudemFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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