Lipstick Grace

Lipstick Grace


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The Just-Right Shade of GraceHmmm.Kissable Kiwi or Fire Engine Red? To hold your child tight like you desperately want to, or let him go like he needs? Every woman grapples with such life issues and intangibles as faith, mercy, grace, and hopebut few have the ability to dress theology in blue jeans and flip-flops like Nancy Kennedy. A compilation of witty weekly columns written by Nancy for the Citrus County Chronicle in Florida, Lipstick Grace contains many musingsnot all of which wrap up in nice, neat packages (because the important things in life rarely do!). In this reflective collection, youll find the sufficiency of God holding you steady. Its big enough for all of you: your greatest fears, your deepest doubts, and your bathroom drawer full of all the wrong shades of lipstick.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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