League of Dangerous Women

League of Dangerous Women


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They are all around youin your neighborhood, your church, even your own family. They are sisters and daughters and mothers. These young women may look like they have it together, but inside theyre hurting and hopeless. They are trapped by prostitution, alcohol, drugs, and darkness.They are desperate. And God is ready to transform theminto dangerous.In A League of Dangerous Women, Mary Frances Bowley tells the incredible true stories of women who knew only abuse, abandonment, and addictionuntil God met their weaknesses with His Strength. Now these remarkable women are warriors for a heavenly kingdom, their lives a testimony to the extraordinary grace of a heavenly Father.Maybe youve been there yourself, or know someone who has been through similar circumstances. Whatever your background, these amazing stories will help you see the potential of Gods redemption in your life. A League of Dangerous Women will challenge and inspire you to discover the healing, powerful, dangerous plans He has for you.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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