Thousand Small Sparrows

Thousand Small Sparrows


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In 1992, Jeff and Kristi Leelands infant son, Michael, needed a bone marrow transplant. It cost $200,000 they didnt have. Thats when Dameon, the most picked-on kid in the junior high where Jeff taught, emptied his bank account and handed Jeff twelve $5 bills to help save Michaels life. Other students rallied behind Dameons $60 donation of hope--and a community rallied behind them. In less than four weeks, they raised over $227,000 for Michaels life-saving transplant.Sometimes its the small who are mighty and the young who are wise.Kids will do heroic things when they have heroic things to do. Out of the Leelands experience came Sparrow Clubs USA, an organization of kids helping kids in medical need. Each child helped by Sparrow Clubs faces a battle for life, and yet each of these sparrows lives with a vibrant courage.Taking you into the communities that became sanctuaries of love for families in need, A Thousand Small Sparrows will revive your hope in the Father heart of a God who cares. This is a book about the power of compassion that can change the worldone sparrow at a time.One hundred percent of the authors proceeds from this book will benefit Sparrow Clubs USAFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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