Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation


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Help!He Doesnt Get What Im Not Saying!She Doesnt Say What She Means!Every marriage faces communication problemswhether about sex, vacation, careers, children, or the remote control. Why do guys often feel clueless, no matter how hard they try? Why do women get so tired of dropping hints that they snap? How can something that started out so good, end up so frustating?Licensed psychologist Dr. Steve Stephens says that communication between genders is truly a cross-cultural experience. The key to communicating well is learning how to interpret the vocabulary, body language, silences, and needs of your spousewhich may be quite different from yours.Using practical insights from his own two decades of marriage and his twenty-five years as a professional counselor, Dr. Stephens uncovers the differences in communication that lead to relationship breakdown. With a fun and exciting look at the reasons behind marital frustrations, he offers a solution so simple, with results so extraordinary, that you will delight to know what your spouse is really sayingand learn how true communication can change your marriage forever.From the Hardcover edition.

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