Beyond the Night

Beyond the Night


Жанр: Иностранная литература

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Язык написания книги: Английский

They say love is blind. This time theyre rightAs a woman lies unconscious in a hospital bed, her husband waits beside her, urging her to wake up and come home. Between them lies an ocean of fear and the tenuous grip of memories long past. Memories of wonder. Of love. Memories of a girl named Madison and a boy named PaulMadison Foster knew she was going blind. But she didnt want pitynot from her mother, not from her roommate, and especially not from her best friend Paulthe man she secretly loved.Paul Tilden knew a good thing when he saw it. And a good thing was his friendship with Maddie Foster. That is, until he started to fall in love.With the music of the seventies as their soundtrack and its groovy fashions as their scenery, Maddie and Paul were drawn together and driven apart. Then one night changed everythingforever.And only now, when life tiptoes past the edge of yesterday, along the rim of today, can they glimpse the beauty that awaits thembeyond the night.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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