Urban Legends

Urban Legends


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Urban Legends is a remarkably complete collection of the modern myths that make the rounds in offices, college dorms, and every other place where people tell the stories that spring from our deepest fears and fascinations.Every culture has its folktales including ours. Except, instead of involving gods and goddesses or princes and princesses, ours involve some guy my sister's best friend knows or someone who woke up in a motel room. They happened, supposedly, to real people, usually recently, in a particular place. And they touch the most sensitive nerves of our psyches with ironic twists, gross-out shocks, and moral lessons learned the hard way.From the classic tale The Mexican Pet in which the dog turns out to be no Chihuahua to the more unappetizing story of condoms as fast-food burger garnish, from surgically skilled kidney thieves to sexual experiments that end in the emergency room, Urban Legends relates more 300 of the most enticing, macabre, and unforgettable tales. Expertly told, they are arranged in such chapters as Crazy Little Thang Called Sex, Oh, Scare Me, Campus Capers, Corporate Convolutions, and So Much For Comfort Food.Fascinating, chilling, and occasionally repulsive, Urban Legends has all your favorites and hundreds more.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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