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Messin with mes like wearin cheese underwear down rat alley.-Ollie ChandlerHomicide detective Ollie Chandler has seen it all. Done more than he cares to admit. But when hes called to investigate the murder of a Portland State University professor, he finds himself going places hes never gone before.Places he never wanted to go.Because all the evidence is pointing to one horrific conclusion: The murderer is someone in his own department. Thats not the worst of it, though. Ollie has nagging doubtsabout himself. Where was he during the time of the murder?Joined by journalist Clarence Abernathy and their friend Jake Woods, Ollie pushes the investigation forward. Soon all three are drawn deep into corruption and political tensions that threaten to destroy themand anyone who tries to help. But theyre in too deep to quit. Theyve got no choice. They have to follow the evidence to the truthNo matter how uglyor dangerousit gets.A gripping story of murder and spiritual struggle, Deception proves, as never before, the truth of Ollies first law: Things are often not what they appear.From the Hardcover edition.

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