Trout and Me

Trout and Me


Жанр: Иностранная литература

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Язык написания книги: Английский

When a new troublemaker, Trout, arrives at school, Ben is soon diagnosed with ADDjust like Trout.Ever since first grade, Bens been in trouble, even though hes really not a bad kid. He just cant seem to stop doing things that get him sent to the principals office. His parents and wise older sister, Meg, swear hell be fine in his own time, but when a new kid shows up in Bens fifth-grade class, hes not so sure. Trout sticks to him like glue, and its clear from the start that Trout is a much bigger troublemaker than Ben ever was. So when Ben gets diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), just like Trout, and then has to take Ritalin, just like Trout, hes not sure what to make of his friendshipespecially when he starts to get a bad reputation. Is Trouts badness rubbing off on him? Can Ben make people understand its the ADD, not Trout, causing the problems before its too late?From the Hardcover edition.

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