Multiracial Identity

Multiracial Identity


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Multiracial Identity is an impressive, accessible and timely contribution to the field of 'race' and ethnicity studies. Mark Christian provides both primary (in-depth interviews) and secondary data in examining the issue of multiracial identity. Using the UK, US, South Africa and Jamaica as case studies, he maintains throughout this book that multiracial identity is a social construction that has been forged in the crucible of white supremacy. It is a contentious and thought-provoking book that will provide students and academics with much room for discussion. Written with clarity and originality, it is essential reading for anyone who wishes to know about Western constructs of multiracial social groups. Moreover, with in-depth interviews, the author sensitively examines the personal views of such socially-defined individuals. To aid the reader in understanding the social and historical complexity of this type of racial labelling, a useful glossary of key terms and concepts is provided.

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