Army in Cromwellian England, 1649-1660

Army in Cromwellian England, 1649-1660


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From 1649-1660 England was ruled by a standing army for the only time in its history. In The Army in Cromwellian England Henry Reece describes, for the first time, the nature of that experience, both for members of the army and for civilian society. The book is split into three parts. The first section looks at the size of the army, its material needs, structure, and political engagement to provide a sense of the day-to-day reality of being part of a standing army. The second part considers the impact of the military presence on society by establishing where soldiers were quartered, how they were paid, the material burden that they represented, the divisive effects of the armys patronage of religious radicals, and the extensiveinvolvement of army officers in the government of the localities. The final section re-evaluates the armys role in the political events from Cromwells death to the restoration of the Stuart monarchy, and explains why the army crumbled so pitifully in the last months of the Commonwealth.

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