Blackstone's Crime Investigators' Handbook

Blackstone's Crime Investigators' Handbook


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Blackstone's Crime Investigators' Handbook provides you with straightforward, practical information and advice for anyone involved in investigating crime. Covering all the learning requirements for trainee detectives on the Initial Crime Investigators Development Programme (ICIDP), it will also be useful to detectives and uniformed officers investigating volume crime, as well those involved in the initial stages of major investigations. The authors cover the different types of criminal investigation, outlining the legal procedures and operational protocols relating to specific offences, but also offer more general guidance on effective case management, working with the CPS, crime report processing, and investigative strategies. Each stage of conducting and managing an investigation is explored, with specific guidance on crime scene management, evidence preservation and witness and suspect management, helping you to build anddevelop your capabilities. The Handbook also outlines the role of partner agencies and includes specific chapters on forensic investigation and the investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths. Police doctrines and practical guidance manuals are extensively cross-referenced, while checklists, aide memoirs and key point boxes help contextualise the complex and sometimes daunting procedures, methods and responsibilities.

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