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Edward Monkton's most profound, quirky and inspirational illustrations are brought together in this exquisitely designed collection.Edward Monkton's quirky cards and books have long expressed an unconventional life-philosophy. Now Monkton brings together some of his most popular and unusual cards that express the kind of funny and profound observances that have made his books a recurring favourite in both the card and traditional book shops.Every effort has been made to make this the perfect gift for a loved one or a source of quirky soul-enrichment for yourself. With each exquisite design is printed on high-quality paper.These drawings would like to be your friends. Put them on a desk or a shelf - perhaps beside your bed - and glance at them from time to time. Use them for INSIPRATION. There is no corner of LIFE into which they cannot shine the bright torch of INSIGHT. TRUST these drawings. They will not LET YOU DOWN.

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