Every Time We Say Goodbye

Every Time We Say Goodbye


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When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, the tide of change rippled across America, separating the patriots from the enemies-but what of those torn between two sides?A sweeping love story, perfect for fans of the films From Here To Eternity and Pearl Harbour.sPECIAL LOW PRICE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD TO DISCOVER Kristina Mcmorris's LATEST NOVEL.Virtuoso violinist, Madeleine Kern, has lost her passion for music since the death of her mother. But one passion remains true; her love for Lane Moritomo. Lane comes from a respected Japanese family and his mother is keen to retain this heritage with a suitable marriage. But breaking tradition, Lane proposes to Maddie and the newlyweds begin married life floating on a wave of bliss.That is until news breaks that the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbour.Surrounded by accusatory glares and damning newspapers headlines, Maddie and Lane's future hopes for a happy life together are shaken to the core.As prejudice spreads fervently across America, Maddie and Lane must cling on to their love for each other whilst the world threatens to tear them apart.

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