Ramblers Short Walks in the Peak District

Ramblers Short Walks in the Peak District


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A brand new range of practical e Guide books endorsed by the Ramblers. All content downloaded to device making maps and text available at all times. 20 walks are included and use clear maps to show the route plus easy to follow walk descriptions.The Peak District, with its two very different landscapes: the gentle limestone White Peak with its intimate wooded dales and steep-sided gorges; and the wilder more dramatic gritstone Dark Peak with its wild moorland, offer some superb walking areas. This guide, produced in co-operation with the Ramblers and featuring Ordnance Survey mapping, is the perfect way to get out and enjoy the stunning scenery.This compact little guide contains walks, all of which are 5 miles or under, which are ideal for an afternoon stroll.INCLUDES:* 20 easy to follow walks which can be completed in 3 hours and under.* Each walk has a detailed Ordnance Survey map with the route clearly marked plus a detailed description of the route.* The walks have been chosen with issues like parking and refreshments in mind to make life easy for families.* There are interesting facts about the things you'll see along the route.* All the books include general information on walking and also the general area covered by the guide.* Packed with colour photographs of scenes you will see along the walk.

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