Pick 'n' Mix (Frankie Foster, Book 2)

Pick 'n' Mix (Frankie Foster, Book 2)


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Язык написания книги: Английский

The second fantastic book about ten-year-old FRANKIE FOSTER - the girl who wants to help, but ends up causing chaos!Frankie Foster loves fixing people's problems. Her help might not always be welcome - and she might cause the odd total disaster - but Frankie always fixes things. Eventually!When Frankie's mum agrees to have a friend's daughter to stay for a fortnight, it falls on Frankie's shoulders to look after Amelia. Having another girl share her broom cupboard of a bedroom is one thing, but wherever Amelia goes, trouble seems to follow, however hard Frankie tries to keep her out of it!Frankie certainly gets more than she bargains for with Amelia, but in typical Frankie fashion, she soon realises how being different is no bad thing and learns some important lessons along the way... like the true meaning of friendship and how to keep life 'sweet'!

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