Underside of Joy

Underside of Joy


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Язык написания книги: Английский

What if the only way to keep your children is to let them go? Perfect for all fans of Jodi Picoult.Losing a husband is unbearable. But losing her children too would be one heartbreak too many...Ella is happily settled in family life with her husband Joe and their two young children, Zach and Annie. Then the unthinkable happens - Joe is killed in a tragic accident.Distraught, Ella's only solace is the children, who she clings to for dear life. But she can't help feeling that the happiness she took for granted is over for good. Her worst fears are realised when Joe's beautiful ex-wife Paige, who deserted her family three years earlier, turns up at his funeral, determined to reclaim her children.Struggling with her own grief, Ella is now forced to battle for her family and the life which she loves. And when pushed to the limits, Ella must decide who is the best mother for her children.

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