Light's On At Signpost

Light's On At Signpost


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From the author of the ever-popular Flashman novels, a collection of film-world reminiscences and trenchant thoughts on Cool Britannia, New Labour and other abominations.In between writing Flashman novels, George MacDonald Fraser spent thirty years as an "e;incurably star struck"e; screenwriter, working with the likes of Steve McQueen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cubby Broccoli, Burt Lancaster, Federico Fellini and Oliver Reed. Now he shares his recollections of those encounters, providing a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.Far from starry-eyed where Tony Blair & Co are concerned, he looks back also to the Britain of his youth and castigates those responsible for its decline to "e;a Third World country ... misruled by a typical Third World government, corrupt, incompetent and undemocratic"e;.Controversial, witty and revealing - or "e;curmudgeonly"e;, "e;reactionary"e;, "e;undiluted spleen"e;, according to the critics - The Light's on at Signpost has struck a chord with a great section of the public. Perhaps, as one reader suggests, it should be "e;hidden beneath the floorboards, before the Politically-Correct Thought Police come hammering at the door, demanding to confiscate any copies"e;.

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