Жанр: Современные любовные романы

Год выпуска: нет данных

Язык написания книги: Английский

Страниц в книге: 35

The French Quarter: where seduction is a game…and the rules are meant to be brokenThe Game: ObsessionThe Players: Josie Villefranche, notorious hotel owner, Drew Morrison, business sharkObject of the Game: Have a Cajun-hot love affair, without getting burnedBordello-turned-hotel-owner Josie has a hands-off rule when it comes to men. Too many have wanted her only for her talents in bed. But when too-sexy-to-resist Drew checks in, she decides to make an exception: use him, then lose him – no regrets.Ruthless businessman Drew has a hidden agenda: to buy the cash-strapped hotel. But he's been bedding its bewitching proprietor instead. When a murder puts Josie in both financial and legal trouble, Drew must make a choice: grab the hotel and run – or sacrifice everything for another night in her bed…

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