Makeovers Can Be Murder

Makeovers Can Be Murder


Жанр: Триллеры

Год выпуска: нет данных

Язык написания книги: Английский

Страниц в книге: 37

Plus-size reporter Kate Gallagher is facing the ultimate challenge – wearing a bikini for an upcoming assignment about weight loss scams. Sticking to her diet won't be easy – especially since her love life is already wasting away.Kate learns she's not alone at a meeting of a women's support group, the Newbodies – where her friend Lila confides that her marriage is in trouble. When Lila turns up dead, Kate's suspicions immediately fall on the husband. But that's before she finds out that Lila wasn't the first 'Newbody' to die. Apparently a killer has an appetite for plus-sized victims.

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